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Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork, Custom Cabinets

Sometimes you have an idea that can't be bought ready made.  David and his team can custom create any design you have.

David Cheek has designed and created many features for home and office:

  • Man Cave Doors / Sliding Barn Doors
  • Bars and Wine Racks
    • David built the bar at Italia Pizzeria on Pennsylvania Ave and at the Talamore Country Club on Midland Rd, Southern Pines NC
    • David Cheek built the wine racks at Ironwood Cafe on Midland Rd and at Vito's on Hwy 5 in Aberdeen NC
  • Specialized Cabinetry and Cabinet Doors
  • Hand-crafted, Hand-Made features for your home or office
  • Fireplace Supports and Shelves
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Customize sink-based cabinets to hold the popular farmouse sinks

"I can build anything out of wood, except a tree." ~ David Cheek

David and his team can design custom cabinets for any room in your home or office.  Often, they do.

Premier Kitchen and Cabinetry Design, Inc

Call David Cheek at 910-224-5018

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