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Custom Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Perhaps you love your kitchen layout, but your cabinet doors and fronts are showing their age. We can supply many different styles of doors and fronts to update and change the look of your kitchen. We can replace cabinet drawers, too, if needed. Replacing cabinet doors and fronts is less expensive and creates less interruption to your daily kitchen routine.

We also replace cabinet doors and fronts for other rooms in your home or office, such as the bathroom, laundry room, office space and closets.

  • We only use solid wood face frames and door and drawer fronts, regardless of the cabinet type
  • These can be stained or painted to an color desired
  • We use Sherwin Williams and M.L. Campbell finishes
  • We offer a variety of door styles
  • For large door and drawer front, and drawer replacement projects, we offer products made by Decore-ative Specialities in Monroe, NC.  These are made in NC!

Premier Kitchen and Cabinetry Design, Inc

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